Website Localization

Web Localization

Driven by modern web design methods, the localization of your website is an essential step to delivering your products and services to new customers worldwide. Where borders have become virtual and shopping is done at the click of a mouse, your localized website can help your business get more exposure.

Websites need to be accessible from a large variety of devices, from a mobile phone or a tablet, to your home or work PC. They are generated as static pages or through content management systems. They may change often and they contain content that is delivered to the user in a large variety of formats, from plain text to audio-visual to multimedia.

At BeatBabel, we help you decide which content should be localized and make sure that your website is ready for international audiences.

Whether your website was created in HTML, XML, ASP, php, SharePoint, JavaScript, we can help. You just want to work on some recent Flash animations you have added? Moving from Flash to HTML5? No problem. You want to translate and localize your meta-tags to increase your keyword search optimization, we will do that too!