Linguistic Editing

Linguistic Editin and copy editing

Not all of a client's text is always written in the same language. Engineers in one country may have written operating instructions for users in another country - simply because they know the product best. They are perfect engineers, but their language skills may not be perfect and their text might need some editing.

Or previously translated text needs to be integrated into current documentation, but style and terminology differ from the current tone.

You are already having your contents translated into European French but now you need a Canadian version to comply with regulations.

You had a great offer to have your website translated after awarding your project to the lowest bidder, but after some feedback you start to feel that the offer may have been too good and you would like a second opinion on the translation quality.

These and many more reasons may make Linguistic Editing the best option to make sure your foreign language text is in the best shape possible.

BeatBabel's editors will review any documents and make or suggest changes. They will adjust your contents to match your style or regional preferences. They will create variations to more accurately address readers in their locale.