Language Translation

Presence in Global markets requires being understood in these markets. Do you need help translating your presentation for your next business trip to Japan? Releasing your new online marketing brochures for European customers? Coming out with a press release for your new office in China?

Merging with a Brazilian company and having to review their contracts? Your Spanish-speaking employees need to be able to read their healthcare coverage or employee handbook?

A new software product has been developed and the next step is to make it available to people who speak another language or live in another part of the world. Most companies nowadays require their software to be adapted for target markets and localized in order to be available worldwide.

We offer translation services in more than 50 languages.

Translation lies at the core of our business experience. At BeatBabel, we use an array of translators to help you translate from and to any language. Well, maybe except for Twi.

Our translation services cover a wide selection of areas

  • Technical: our services range from energy or defense documents to engineering user guides.
  • Medical: located in San Diego, at the heart of biotech, our focus is to help the Life Sciences industry with translations. Whether you need accurate translations in the pharmaceutical, biomedical, biotech or healthcare field, we are here to help!
  • Marketing: marketing texts can't just be translated. Written with a specific target audience in mind, the reader in another country may just not listen unless the text is adapted. Transcreation is the solution, and we have the experience to make your voice heard.
  • Legal: we offer a full range of language translation services from End User License Agreements (EULA), acquisition and HR contracts, to regulations and litigation documents. Our approved and accredited legal translators and editors will deliver accurate certified translation in a timely manner.

Our multilingual staff of project managers will help you define your translation needs. Our translators are hand-picked with care to match the subtleties of your message. Our vendor managers ensure that translators are selected both for their linguistic abilities and technical expertise in the subject matter. Our editors are linguistic experts. Our teams use state of the art technology to help enhance the processes and ensure the highest translation quality. Terminology management and translation memory tools are used to ensure consistency from one project to the next.

We will help you create and maintain style guides and glossaries specific to your company so that you don't have to reinvent the wheel for every new project.

Please also visit our Automatic Translation page.