Linguistic and Functional Validation

"Working at the forefront of product development means that you get to see and use stuff before the public does"
Validation of Software Bugs

New products and processes are constantly developed. In addition to the work that goes into releasing a product into the domestic market, there are additional steps needed for a localized product. We have all read of the embarrassing mistakes that went along with product releases abroad and that hint that some of the validation was not done properly...

Validation is part of the content creation process. It takes place during the localization phase of a project.

Linguistic validation means checking the quality of the language used in end user documentation for a given product. Functional validation tests the end user documentation and user interface for inconsistencies between the documentation and the product. It also ensures that the localized version meets all the quality standards and requirements for international markets.

While strings that need to be translated can typically leave the client's premises, this may not be possible for products. Think of a mobile phone that is not yet available to the public. Who would not want to get their hands on it? Or think of a store-security system with new motion detection algorithms.

Such items need to be kept secure. But they also need to be validated and tested. Our linguistic and functional validation approach makes it possible to be on-site, working alongside the client's developers in a secure environment.