Multimedia Localization

Communication has changed. And we don't mean since the dawn of the internet era - that would be an obvious statement - we mean in the past few years. The slogans, the catchphrases, the formats, even the language, have all evolved. What clients, users and the general public found engaging 10 years ago simply would not work today.

Subtitling and Voiceover

The same goes for translation. Sure, there are still many translators out there working with pen and paper, and many who will ask you for a word document with exported text when tasked with translating a website.

We are not one of them. We understand that when you decide to go global with your website/e-learning course/video/animation, you want a partner who can offer complete solutions, ahead of the curve processes and an integrated cultural assessment of your multimedia content.

At BeatBabel, we have the necessary tools, resources and skills to put your multimedia content on the world map, regardless of the medium:

  • Interactive Websites
  • Flash/Animation
  • Video: scripts, subtitling, cultural appropriateness
  • e-Learning
  • Voiceover
  • Banners
  • Interactive customer outreach

We understand that localization doesn't always come first on the priority list, and we definitely have the means to internationalize your multimedia content in a pinch; but our specialty - and what we're most proud of - is developing partner relationships with our clients, bringing linguistic and cultural considerations to the design stages of a new website or product. This approach will save you time and money, and it will guarantee that you're engaging your clients, users and target audiences in the same way, across languages and borders.