Automatic Translation

Machine Translation

The option of using computer-based translation - also often referred to as "Machine Translation" (MT) or as "Automatic Translation" has been around for as many years as there have been computers. 

In BeatBabel's portfolio of services, MT is a cost-effective, quick method to quickly get an overview of a text written in a foreign language.

The results of MT vary greatly. Among other factors, the outcome depends on the source/target language combination, the subject matter ("domain"), the quality of the source text, the availability of previous translations, the training effort invested in improving the "engine" and many other factors.

BeatBabel offers two levels of automatic translation:

  • Level 1:  Direct output. With minor human intervention. Text in this category should only be used for informational purposes.
  • Level 2: Edited output. Text is reviewed and edited by a copy-editor. It can be used in temporary, fast-changing documents where sufficient context is given, depending on the quality of the source text.

Level 3 translations are performed by translators and editors and will not be performed as automatic translation. Level 3 is the default service level and unless requested, all quotes will assume a Level 3 quote.

A lower level than 3 is indicated in BeatBabel's project quotes.