App localization for Galaxy, IOS, Windows 10

Mobile Apps Localization

Localization of mobile devices and Apps requires a unique approach. Devices are often carrier-specific, or features on these devices are added, modified or removed depending on the carrier's locale. Apps on such devices need to be in compliance with local laws and regulations and have to be culturally adapted to the user's language and environment.

After you have selected the languages, our localization teams will be ready to translate, edit and proofread the on-screen text for your app. The localization specialists will ensure that the text is parsed properly and that only the localizable strings are sent out to translation. The rest of the code will remain untouched and the translated content will be reintegrated smoothly.

Thanks to the use of professional CAT tools, term-bases and translation memories, BeatBabel can provide you with the best possible localization service for apps in a wide array of languages.

Our localization design team will make sure that everything displays and works properly in the target languages.

Testing and validation

During validation, each language is tested by our localization engineers. This step is the final quality assurance before release. It allows checking that the app works properly in the target language, that nothing is missing, that all the links work and that all localizable content has been translated. Since this often requires access to not-yet-released devices and Apps, the testing and validation can be done on-site at the client's premises.

Collateral localization

Your app has been localized. Your new customers will be able to use it in their native language. But before purchasing it, they may want to have some information on the app store about what it does and how it works. They might also need to access help files or go to the app’s website. BeatBabel can help you get all this information localized too.


Once you have a localization process in place for your mobile app, regardless of the platform, updates will be easier to implement for a fraction of the cost. Our translation memory tools and other technology allow easy tracking and versioning and will help you reduce costs on each release.