Software localization and testing

Software Localization

Software Localization (L10N) adapts a software product to the technical, linguistic, and cultural requirements of a specific country and locale, from characters, date/time format to measurements,  to optimize your message for a specific region.

It is a complex process ranging from preparing the source code to be localizable to testing the final product and all its components. The key to successful localization is to make the product appear as if it was written in the language and the locale of the user.

Typical steps of a software localization project are:

  • verification that all localizable strings are editable;

  • extraction of software strings from the application to ensure separation of code from content;

  • translating all strings;

  • re-integration of strings;

  • resizing and adaptation of dialogs to make each dialog item fit;

  • adapting hotkeys for menu items;

  • testing the built application under local conditions;

  • if help files are translated separately, test help functionality in the application.

At BeatBabel, we use software localization tools that were created for these purposes. They combine development aspects, glossary and translation memory databases, graphics tools and testing applications. If the tools are not available for a specific aspect of your project, we develop them.

In addition to more "traditional" software localization, BeatBabel has experience in the localization of Apps for Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows Phone as well as Android devices.

Our software localization tools support Windows App Studio, Win32, .NET, Java, XML, XAML, XLIFF, .RC, and numerous database types.

And if you plan to release an update for your program, we help you integrate the new features and elements into the existing program. We update your help files and documentation and can store all of your information for future use.

Software localization services will help you deploy your software in new markets. Contact BeatBabel and request our software localization services today!