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How about text swell?

Everyone is talking about the vast increase in the amount of data that is available online. Some optimists claim that it will increase the amount of translatable content correspondingly. Unfortunately, most of the data appears to be from porn videos, with IoT becoming the runner-up. Not much to translate here...

Who or what creates data on the Internet?

Unicode 10 supports 136,690 characters

The current standard 10.0.0 of June 20, 2017 supports a total of 136,690 characters in 139 scripts. This includes the Nüshu script that was used by women in China to write poetry and other discourses until the late 20th century. The movie "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan" describes the use of Nüshu.

If you are interested in how Unicode and various scripts are handled in BeatBabel's translation and localization workflow please visit our Localization page.

Is English a creole language?

According to some research, English is considered a creole language, that is: a language developed from a pidgin or a mix of languages with different origins, spoken in one geographical area.

If you are interested in how language variants are handled in BeatBabel's translation and localization workflow please visit our Translation pages.

Floating coins

Some coins are so light they float on water. For example, the Japanese 1 Yen coin is made of an aluminum alloy and weighs just about 1 gram, light enough to float.

This fact and other interesting tidbits of cultural knowledge are the basis of our Cultural Adaptation work.

Azerbaijan is switching from Cyrillic to Western script

In order to move closer to European trade partners and the EU, the country has decided to switch their writing from using Cyrillic script to Western script.

The transition will take a number of years and during that time both scripts will be official. It will be interesting to watch how the adult population handles the switch.

American slang 1

Gross" wasn't a slang word for "disgusting" until the 1960s; before then, it meant "coarse," "obvious," or "ignorant."