San Diego Startup Week 2019 - An opportunity for sustainable business

In this age of digital interaction that crept in so seamlessly, it can be easily forgotten that real interaction is a key ingredient to sustainable business.

This year, BeatBabel will be returning to San Diego Startup Week to continue showing our support for up and coming local businesses. Our team has been attending this event regularly for the past couple of years and it never fails to produce some of our best conversations, insights and connections with passionate entrepreneurs both on the San Diego and Tijuana side of the border.


But don’t be fooled by the seeming selflessness of this goal; startup and local business events in your city can be the most rewarding for your business, in many ways:

-        As a crash-course on the actual state of industry

As LSPs, we tend to have our attention caught up exclusively by events and trends in our own industry. It can be incredibly enriching to go listen and talk to enthusiastic professionals from an array of services and goods and see what is going on with the rest of the world outside our bubble.

-        As a bolt of motivation

The amount of ideas, strategies, success stories of wacky plans that worked, and interesting perspectives you will hear at a startup event will impress you. These events never fail in charging us up for finally taking steps on good ideas that have been collecting dust in our brain.

-        As a learning experience for more recent team members

From How not to train salespeople (a book I just made up): “Just drop them in a hotel with 500 high level professionals from LSPs all over the world and have them walk around scared to speak to anyone about your new services.” A startup event is the opposite of the fantastic (but formal and scary) industry events that take place every year. The conversations do not seem as daunting because it is assumed that everyone is here to learn. Of course, everybody is trying to pitch something, but that just takes a lot of pressure off younger professionals from your team who are dipping their toes into the waters of networking.

-        As an opportunity for real partnerships to form

You hear the word “partnership” from us a lot. We, at BeatBabel, don’t just throw it around; it is truly our ideal model for business with our clients. One where needs are truly met, expectations are always clear, and processes and know-how make for smooth projects. This is only possible through real interaction, familiarity and constant communication with our clients. And that is the type of business relationship one might expect to build with a new acquaintance from a Startup or local business event. A partnership that helps both LSP and business grow.