Linguistic Services

Asian and African languages

BeatBabel was founded as a language company and languages are at the center of our business. From the translation of a single document to the voice-over for a multilingual training course; from the localization of a complex software application to the adaptation of a marketing text; each service needs to be handled differently.

As diverse as the languages and cultures that surround us and as specific as our clients' needs, we match each with the proper team. So our legal translators work on legal texts and not on marketing material, our software localizers don't get asked to translate a newsletter for a healthcare provider and our medical translator's knowledge is not misdirected towards the translation of an online game. Our translators typically only translate into their own language and most of them live in the country of the target language.

Our teams of translators and localizers are tested and have proven their capabilities over the course of many projects. They work with us regularly and we appreciate their work. Unlike many other translation companies, we do not "bid out" our projects to solicit the lowest bidder (which likely also means "lowest quality").

Starting with the initial setup and the quoting process, the translation or localization, any technical issues and the handling of the financial aspects, each step is clearly defined and performed by experienced staff. It is not only a specific translation or localization task that needs to be done accurately; the entire project needs to be handled correctly.

In case you were wondering - no, we don't speak all of these languages ourselves, but we have great people on board who are experts in each language. And if you want to learn more about Language Variants or our linguistic teams...