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Games translation

The localization of games poses unique challenges to product development. While most localization projects require a more technical approach to the project, a game localizer not only needs to be a tech wizard, he or she also needs to enjoy playing and has to be comfortable in the atmosphere that is created.

Games are comprised of intricate stories and characters that are designed to engage the ever-restless minds of the players of today. As we dive into the realm of games, we truly enter another dimension of localization. Game specialists are not only linguists, but artists in their own way, who must wear an additional creative cap over their heads.

Game localizers need to carry the fun of playing from the original version into its localized counterpart. They must take into consideration the characters' identities, think of the best approach of transmitting emotions, and even need to transcreate songs or poems, every now and then. They must develop word games in their native language that may defy the logic of traditional translation. They need to have the technical skills to understand the structure and code requirements of a game. But, above all, they have to understand the game and enjoy it, so that many others can enjoy it after them.

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