The Shout Out: BeatBabel thanks translators behind the scenes

For the past several years, BeatBabel has participated in GALA's annual Film Fest. We view this event as a good opportunity to showcase our tongue-in-cheek selves and have a great time bringing the whole team together to work on a creative project.

This year was no exception and, even though Burckhardt and Miguel were pretty tied up putting together their presentation for the Conference (more on that to come), there was no way we weren't submitting a video!

This time around, we decided to depart from the playful theme we had carried out through our 2015 and 2016 submissions (check them out if you haven't yet!). The video is dedicated to those who actually make all of this possible: The people "behind the words".

We feel very privileged to collaborate with the absolute best in their fields and we are very thankful to our colleagues and partners who helped us out by participating in the video. And now...the planning begins for our 2018 video! Stay tuned!

The BeatBabel Team