BeatBabel's Guide to Complaining about the Heat

A recent survey in UK found that people bring up the topic of weather between 5 and 7 times a day. When added up, the study concluded that we spend up to 6 months of our life just talking about the weather!

Sure, our team in San Diego doesn't talk about the weather nearly as much because it's always nice here; but we thought such a popular topic should be addressed in our blog. Plus, with this past month of June being the HOTTEST month of June in the world since records began, it was clear what our goal was: to aid all of our readers out there by creating the ultimate Guide to Complaining about the Heat!

Below you can check the guide for your language and start complaining right away. Research shows that complaining can lower your body temperature half a degree (do not take our word on this one, we think our intern made it up). Have fun!