The Art of Localization


Like any other art form, languages and localization are an art. Just look at the famous Brueghel painting of the tower of Babel and enjoy the details; the colors, the scenes, how the painting is composed and organized - it all gives you a sense of awe. A well-run project should feel the same way.

At BeatBabel, we make our process into an art form comparable to literary arts or culinary arts. We don't simply drop your work into some automatic translation website and hope that it comes out fine. We handle your project with as much care as a chef handles your favorite dish. Our ingredients are our people. Our tools are knowledge and experience.

Your project is one of your most important assets to succeed in the international market place and we treat it accordingly.

Our management staff has years of experience in localization. Our translators are subject matter experts, handpicked with care. Our editors are all linguists with extensive knowledge and experience. They all show the same passion to the process. Their goal is to make your product match the right audience and they take pride in achieving this.

Our graphic designers are holding the paint brush as perfectly as moving the mouse to make sure your German brochure looks as professional as your English one. And when we talk about Quality Assurance, we really mean it!

Each project manager is bilingual. Speaking at least one other language helps address needs and questions during the localization process. We believe in a committed team that learns about your products, your preferences, understands your requirements and is going to be around when your next release is happening!

What does this all mean for you? At the end of a project you should feel like you have just come out of a good restaurant and enjoyed a delicious meal and a nice glass of wine.

Founded by professionals with many years of localization experience, BeatBabel merges the best talents of different cultural backgrounds, technologies and languages into the unique mix that allows us to offer the best service to our clients.

Your BeatBabel Team