copywriting and transcreation


Transcreation is the process of adapting a message from one language to another. With transcreation, it’s not so much about finding the equivalent words in the target language, than about finding the right words to adequately transfer an intended message or idea. Transcreation takes into account elements such as context, style, tone, humor, wordplay and idiomatic speech. Its purpose is to reach an audience in another language, but to make people feel like the content was specifically thought of and written for them.

Transcreation specialists are translators, copywriters, marketing and advertising advisors, and even designers – everything at the same time. They need to have excellent language skills in order to “transcreate,” but they also have their creative cap at all times. Our transcreation specialists do not focus on the literal, but on identifying and studying the emotional response from speakers in the source language and seeking to provoke the same reaction in the target audience. Our transcreation experts also help with design, images, graphics, color and font selection, since all these are also important elements when it comes to transcreating.

Transcreation is very often used for:

  • Marketing content,

  • Advertising campaigns,

  • Slogans, tag lines, ads,

  • Print and web content.

These are all examples of ‘text with a purpose’ for which you might need transcreation in order to meet success in a global market.