Localization (L10n) Training

Localization Training

Training is an essential part of our constantly changing and evolving e-world and new technologies. In an environment where software releases seem to come out every other month and websites get updated frequently, it can be a challenge to stay up-to-date with the newest technology.

Training is offered for a variety of purposes: to make a technical writing team or design team aware of the localization processes; to help a translator just starting his or her career and feeling overwhelmed by the new client requests or SDL Studio; to give a project manager a refresher...

BeatBabel also organizes regular round-tables in San Diego, for people to meet and share ideas, tool gripes, exciting news or challenges... So whether you need our help to make a project successful or just want to join us for some fruitful and exciting discussions over a cup of coffee or tea, our door is open!

Please visit our Events page to check for localization events in the area.

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