Project Management

L10n Project Management

Managing translation or localization projects requires a perfect understanding of the tools and the business of localization and translation. BeatBabel's multilingual project managers have extensive experience in all related fields.

Each project is unique. Our management approach pays special attention to all aspects of running successful projects.

It starts with an understanding of the business aspects of localization and internationalization and how these steps are essential to our clients' global success.

Typical initial steps include:

  • Identify scope and context of the project.
  • Identify tasks, challenges and milestones.
  • Identify assets - collateral material, previously translated content, translation memories, glossaries, etc.
  • Identify and communicate with client resources.
  • Analyze project components and prepare quote.

Based on information gathered, the next steps are:

  • Choose the best resources for the project.
  • Create a workflow that ensures the optimal utilization of resources.
  • Establish communication and reporting channels.
  • Create basic industry/client/project-specific terminology and seek client approval.
  • Assign all tasks.

During the course of the project:

  • Maintain project schedule and budget.
  • Communicate regularly with all partners.
  • Report issues that could potentially have an effect on the outcome of the project.
  • Ensure that steps from workflow are executed in proper and most efficient order.
  • Integrate client review.

Project wrap-up:

  • Hand off all localized assets.
  • Update glossaries and translation memories with final and approved content.
  • Generate invoice.
  • Create Post-Mortem documents.
  • Define version-control approach for updates.
  • Archive project.

BeatBabel's project managers work in tightly integrated teams of specialists. For more information about us, please follow this link to meet our team.

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