Focus - Product Marketing

Your product is ready to be made available on the global marketplace. Or you decide to test the waters and release it in one foreign market. But do you know if the market will accept your product as is? Imagine food labels that must comply with a multitude of different countries' requirements.

Before you even start with a complex localization project you should invest in some research. A few hours, spent at the beginning of a large project, can mean many hours saved down the line, at crunch time ...

So how does this work? As our customer, we offer consulting at the beginning of each project. Here, we take a careful look at your project and determine where our expertise can be used to reduce your costs.

Marketing transcreation

We can give advice on:

  • which publishing software to use for your brochures and marketing materials;

  • how to prepare your content and product for a global or a specific market;

  • what makes the most sense in terms of localizing your website;

  • how to set up your Flash animations;

  • how to integrate your CMS into the localization process or vice versa;

  • whether XML is the right solution for you.

If you decide to move forward with the project, those consulting hours can be waived as part of the project setup. And we all know that in most cases a few hours of preparation will translate into substantial cost savings and timely releases!