Moritz, aka Mo

When we need anything done in the office, Mo is the one to turn to. After studying web and graphic design, he focuses on production work and he loves multimedia. From Illustrator to Articulate, Mo is your guy! He is often there when we are not, helping us with many tedious computer tasks to make sure projects are worked on around the clock. He is the King of Zen! He also got his baking certificate and is the master of yummy banana bread.

A native of Germany, Mo was raised in a multilingual and multicultural family. He speaks fluent German and English. He also learned French, Spanish and is now studying Portuguese. Mo has taken regular trips to Latin America and Peru the last few years to practice his Spanish.

He enjoys cooking and baking, making and listening to music - very eclectic most of the time. In his free time he loves walking, and, of course, traveling.

Nickname: Mo or Mose
Chinese Zodiac: Earth Dragon
Specialties: Production and tasks that require patience!
Favorite Hangout: Lestat's - Coffee shop on Park Avenue
Can’t live without: Music
Last Concert Seen: Groenemeyer in LA
Favorite Movies: Back to the Future, Ferris Bueller's Day off
Favorite things to do in my free time: Kung Fu
If you could have another career, what would it be: DJ