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Everybody is using a smartphone or a tablet and has access to the same video games and mobile apps. Providing your foreign customers with a mobile app that is localized into their native language has become a real necessity and will give you international visibility and access to markets across the globe.

Selecting your market

Depending on the type of app you are developing, you may want to target specific markets. In China, one of the biggest markets, more than half of the apps and video games are localized. This means not only that all the in-App text has been translated, but also the help files and all the documentation such as App description, update logs, App website and marketing material. BeatBabel can help you choose the most appropriate target markets and languages for your App localization project.

Design adaptation

Screen "real estate" on mobile devices is limited. The translation and localization process needs to take this into consideration by including a number of steps and checks: the length of the text in menus and buttons may change, messages may need to be shortened while still remaining meaningful and measurements and number formats have to be adapted, among others.

As the content is localized, our design teams will also check the cultural accuracy of the images to be acceptable to and appropriate for your global audience. Even though a design might work perfectly for the US market, certain color and image considerations might be needed for the Middle East or Asia.

Localizing a mobile App may involve some modifications to the App itself, such as the handling of privacy, the storing of user information, etc.

Currently supported Platforms

  • iPhone & iPad (Apple iOS)

  • Windows 10

  • Android

  • Blackberry

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