Biology graduate turned translator, Miguel decided he would rather be a translator with research skills than a scientist with language skills. With both Spanish and English as his mother tongues, and a bicultural upbringing between Spain and the U.S., Miguel took the leap to translation through the Master's Degree in Intercultural Communication, Translation and Interpreting for the Public Services, where he was granted the Extraordinary Award for academic achievements.

He first met the BeatBabel team at the 2014 GALA conference in Istanbul, which he was invited to attend as the winner of the European Masters in Translation ( EMT) Rising Stars contest for young translators. And he joined the BeatBabel San Diego office that year. His focus is on English to Spanish translation and editing, where his scientific and technical accuracy comes into play to ensure the utmost quality. Of late, he has also taken on many desktop publishing and production tasks.

Miguel also sings and plays guitar in the Madrid-based band "Maybe Nots."


  • Specialized translation

  • Editing and quality assurance

  • Production and Desktop publishing

Nickname: Nesteban - The Spanish Pirate. Recently, everyone in the office started calling me D'Artagnan due to my musketeer look!
Favorite Hangout: Anywhere with live music.
Can’t live without: Oxygen, water, food and music (I could technically live without music).
Currently reading: Purity by Jonathan Franzen.
Last show seen: Foals, at the Barcleycard center in Madrid.
Favorite things to do on the weekends: Hike, swim, play music with friends, go to the movies.
If you could have another career, what would it be: Traveling photographer/journalist for National Geographic in the 50s!