Meet B@BL

BeatBabel’s Translation Business Management System (TBMS) is now available for customers and vendors. B@BL was developed entirely inhouse to meet the growing demand for a management system that is affordable, easy to use, requiring very little training and is fully adapted to our business needs.

Unlike many expensive off-the-shelf systems with feature overload (and the resulting license cost), B@BL was designed by a group of people whose daily work revolves around managing localization and translation projects. Input and feedback from customers, vendors, internal and external partners was integrated to define a logical process covering the needs of all users and avoiding overly complicated workflows.


Integration, Efficiency, Customization, Security

  • High Usability and Personalization

    • Accessible on multiple platforms

    • Easy to navigate

    • Highly customizable

  • Security

    • Encrypted access in user-specific “silos”
      preventing crossover

    • Seamless file exchange

    • Reliable information protection

  • Efficient Project Management

    • Optimized process and workflow

    • Real-time progress tracking

    • Instant user notification

  • Straightforward Business Management

    • Flexible multi-dimension reporting

    • Timely quoting and invoicing

    • Advanced financial analysis

And last – but certainly not least – it is completely free to use for our clients and partners!