Internship Program

Passionate about languages and technology? We welcome enthusiastic and talented individuals to join our dynamic and multicultural team in San Diego. If you are passionate about cultures and eager to learn, our internship program might be perfect for you!

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GALA Rising Star Contest

Miguel Sevener participated in the GALA Rising Star Contest in 2014 as a result of which he started a successful internship at BeatBabel. Miguel is now an Account Manager and a member of the jury for the contest. Miguel and our COO, Marie Flacassier, are very involved in the internship programs.

We periodically offer the following internships:

  • Localization project coordination internship

  • Quality Assurance internship

  • Translation internship

  • DTP and graphic design internship

As a BeatBabel intern, you will get to work on specific projects under the supervision and mentorship of a dedicated manager, which will help us grow and you develop. You will be working in an incredibly fast moving business and have the opportunity to make valuable contributions while developing your skills and experience. Our internships offer extensive opportunities for professional development and experience in localization.

Our typical internships?

  • Paid internship

  • 35 hours a week

  • 8-12 weeks

What we look for in our interns?

  • Currently attending college or university (sophomore, junior or senior levels) or recent graduate

  • Bilingual students of localization, translation, linguistics, international business, multimedia or design

  • Good computer skills

  • Basic understanding of CAT tools (for localization and translation internships)

  • Having taken multimedia or design courses and/or proficient with Adobe Creative Cloud (for DTP and graphic design internships)

  • A passion for languages and culture

  • A positive and curious attitude

Application Procedure

Interested candidates should apply via email to: info (at)

Your application should include the following:

  • A cover letter and description of why you feel you are a good candidate for an internship at BeatBabel

  • Resume (for graduate students) or current school transcript (for undergrads)

  • One to two references or letters of recommendations

  • For the DTP position, please include your graphic design portfolio, or a 1 to 2 page proposal on what updates you would recommend for our website or social media presence