Focus - E-Learning

eLearning Localization

Learning without going to school, without the need to travel, at your computer, whenever and wherever you want, worldwide. Online classes, webinars and distance learning can no longer be ignored in today's business world. International companies now expect simultaneous roll-out of training across markets.

E-Learning materials are developed to be as acceptable and understandable for the audience as possible. The developers work hard to tailor the courses to the specific situation of their students. With e-Learning courses being used in the classroom, grade-level adaptations to reflect differing educational levels are required.

There are unique challenges in International e-Learning. For example, the audience in other cultures may not relate to learning content developed elsewhere. The intended purpose is lost when students or staff in foreign countries do not understand what the course is about, the images don't apply or there are different grading systems. Imagine a course about safety at the workplace. In the US, the course will likely refer to rules set by OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Now take this course elsewhere. OSHA rules don't apply outside the USA; but other, comparable rules do. We identify such instances and help you adapt courses accordingly.

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