Meet BeatBabel at 2018 Fall Events

The BeatBabel team will be attending a number of industry events this fall. From being on the program committee to speakers to just attending, please check those out and come say hi! Click below to read more about the events.

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When Cold-calling and Mass Emails turn you off

As the CEO of our company I get my share of emails and calls from people who want to sell me something. I'm fine with that. Most of the time. Because I can ignore it - my junk mail filter has become pretty efficient, and I can have my phone block unwanted callers.

But, that hasn't stopped many from trying - it's their job, and they are judged (and paid) by their success.

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BeatBabel at "the GALA of BIG ideas"

The enthusiasm and commitment we all share towards our profession comes from the fact that the root of our industry, language, is a distinctly human faculty. Any discussion we have about language, whether it is centered on technology, globalization, cultural competencies, etc., is in essence a discussion on human nature and the human mind.

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